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About Our NZ Made Skin Care Range


Blue Earth’s inspiration stems from the Nineteenth century poet, designer and entrepreneur, William Morris. Morris championed the necessity of creating quality handmade products that were both useful and beautiful, using traditional methods and techniques.

Morris believed by creating products with integrity (including fair working conditions and better wages) it would improve the moral consciousness of how people consumed, including their environmental responsibilities.

He asserted that if people bought quality made goods at a price relative to how they valued and appreciated them, then this would ultimately influence the moral caliber and integrity of society in general. 

We have embraced this philosophy in our business ethics.


Blue Earth was established in 1998, from a genuine desire to create natural, effective skin care that is beautiful & useful. Made in New Zealand, our products are created in small batches utilising premium natural ingredients to support your skins vitality, beauty & radiance. 

Grown from a passion & respect for the natural world, old knowledge & a desire to create modern botanical skincare, Blue Earth is committed to creating uncomplicated effective products, utilising the healing, calming & restorative qualities of the plant world. 

At the heart of Blue Earth is an environmental conscience. Our business ethos has always been modelled on one that helps, not harms. We believe that sustainability is not enough, & recognise the need to go further, giving back more than what we take. 


We are aware that as a business we contribute to the waste crisis & climate crisis,  so we are continually mindful of our business habits & ways in which we can improve on this.

Blue Earth is based on our own personal philosophy of wanting to foster a safer, more environmentally friendly and compassionate world. To this point our business & personal lives are very connected.

Although we do not formally measure Blue Earths environmental impact or carbon emissions (at this stage), we have from the inception of Blue Earth been conscious of our environmental impact and have attempted to mitigate this over the past 20 years that we have been operating. We are however always re-evaluating & recognising areas for improvement. 

  • Blue Earth is based on 35 acres of land in which we have planted & continue to plant extensively in trees.
  • Blue Earth runs entirely on solar power.
  • Our soap packaging (approximately 75% of our sales) is biodegradable/recyclable
  • We are currently phasing out & replacing any non-paper labels over to rocktak- a calcium carbonate by-product which is photo-degradable.
  • We seek to minimise waste in all facets of Blue Earth by composting & recycling.
  • Our dispatch is plastic free
  • We chose product packaging that is minimal & where possible, recyclable or biodegradable
  • We pay the living wage
  • Our products are made on site in small batches to minimise waste of ‘out of date’ stock




Feel free to read this feature story about us that appeared in This NZ Life magazine that discusses some of our motivation and reasons why we created Blue Earth.

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